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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Massachusetts ice storm hit the U.S. state of emergency

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Massachusetts Governor Patrick announced on the 12th, leading to the ice storm hit the state power of about 350,000 residents, the state currently has a state of emergency.

Patrick said, is expected as early as 15 to restore the electricity supply, so he suggested that residents call the 211 hotline power, haven to ask about local information, where to stay a few days. He said that had ordered 500 National Guard and other emergency personnel together quickly after the ice storm clean-up and personnel to assist the evacuation.

Massachusetts Highway Commission said that the current path of the clean-up work is being carried, the focus in Boston to the north and west of the road. Some communities also declared a local state of emergency to reduce the staff to go out to meet and assist the official clean-up on the road.

In Massachusetts, eastern and south-east, due to a marked increase in temperature after the ice storm, the National Weather Service has issued flood warnings in the region.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Facebook will super MySpace after a few weeks

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Internet traffic monitoring agency recently released statistics for November show, Facebook is rapidly narrowing with the U.S. leader in social-networking site MySpace gap.

As of November 2008, Facebook users access to grow to 49,400,000, from November 2007 to November 2008 during a total increase of 69.5 percent, in November an increase of 10%; MySpace users visit to 54,600,000 for the same period, a total of 14.4 percent down , In November an increase of 2.7 percent.
In January, Facebook replaced by Fox Interactive Media (including MySpace), the United Kingdom into the top 10 sites.

In addition to the overseas market, rapid growth, Facebook is also the U.S. market continued to grow. Facebook statistics show that the United States was about 45,000,000 registered users. Only through the search engine traffic, Facebook attracted 500 million users. If you maintain the current growth rate, Facebook will be a few weeks beyond MySpace.

Last week, Facebook launched Facebook Connect, users need a separate log on, other sites will be able to use Facebook. Google subsequently launched a similar service.

In order to maintain a leading edge, MySpace redesigned its site, aims to improve the effectiveness of advertising. The new design to attract the Cartier jewelry manufacturers, such as advertisers. MySpace 10 launched a self-service advertising services.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

AOL acquired the former CEO to Yahoo, Yahoo said could not

AOL (America Online) former chief executive officer Jonathan Miller that are foreign to raise money to buy Yahoo in preparation. Upon exposure to the news, Yahoo's stock price go up about 7%. It is reported that, "The Wall Street Journal" said that there are internal sources, Miller is currently working to raise money to buy some or all of Yahoo. The news was reported, Yahoo's stock price increased 7.08 percent to 11.50 U.S. dollars per share.

"The Wall Street Journal" said that over the past few months, Miller has been with the rights and interests of private investors and sovereign wealth funds to discuss how to raise funds to buy Yahoo, but they still do not know where to step in the progress of the discussions.

Jonathan Miller in 2002 to 2006 served as AOL's chief executive officer, he or venture capital firm Velocity Interactive Group, one of the shareholders. It is reported that Miller might consider the price of 20-22 dollars per share to acquire Yahoo. In that case, Miller, Yahoo's acquisition of the necessary funds from 28,000,000,000 to 30,000,000,000 US dollars. "The Wall Street Journal" that are familiar with Yahoo, according to internal sources, Yahoo side of the message deeply held skepticism, especially at a time when the global economy in a downturn, such a large investment in itself has a very high risk. In addition, it is not clear whether Microsoft really do not consider the entire acquisition of Yahoo or Yahoo search engine sector.

Earlier this year, Microsoft has 33 U.S. dollars per share bid to acquire Yahoo, but Yahoo was co-founder and CEO Jerry Yang rejected a move to allow Yahoo shareholders are also very angry. Last month, Jerry Yang announced his resignation from the post of chief executive officer, which was also slightly calm waves of the market again. Although Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer insisted that there is no re-consider the acquisition of Yahoo, but he also said that the ambiguity of the two sides can search the network to establish relations of cooperation.

Yahoo is currently facing a very difficult situation, the Internet market, Yahoo has not giant Google search engine or Facebook and Myspace social networking Web site to counter that with the deteriorating economic, Yahoo's online advertising business would be severely affected. But Yahoo's search engine or a power that can not be ignored, if the co-operation with Microsoft, believe that Yahoo is also a good way out.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Fexon Technology Ltd: Yahoo will be held on August 1 annual shareholder meeting

Fexon Technology Ltd: Yahoo will be held on August 1 annual shareholder meeting

Fexon Technology Ltd report that Yahoo will be held on August 1 annual shareholders meeting, according to the company's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission a document that shows.

The meeting was originally set at this year be held on July 3, but Yahoo said last month that they would delay the meeting time until the end of July, is expected to be in the western United States, California San Jose (San Jose) of the Fairmont Hotel. (Fexon Technology Ltd)

The shareholders meeting is destined to become the most controversial of the General Assembly, because Yahoo is working to resist the idea from Microsoft to the value of 44.6 billion U.S. dollars takeover offer.

Kaeryikan investors that Yahoo should accept Microsoft's offer, he plans to nominate 10 candidates to replace Yahoo's board of directors. If it successfully, said he plans to Yahoo co-founder and chief executive officer and board member Jerry Yang forced to step down.

Icahn has always been its aggressive momentum for the well-known people, since February this year, Microsoft acquired Yahoo's pricing, he has bought millions of Yahoo stock.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fexon Technology Ltd: Calculation of stirring up clouds of war two times

Fexon Technology Ltd reports: Unwittingly, "cloud computing" has quietly affect our work and life.

Think about your browser and desktop operating system in which more consumption of time more » A few years ago must be downloaded to see the film, pictures, how many can now enjoy online » SMEs independent construction and management of IT systems, whether through SAAS (software as a service) solution »

The development of bandwidth and hardware costs continue to lower, bring us all this.

In the PC era, to Moore's Law, WINTEL-led framework for the hardware industry, software industry's traditional business model, corporate IT infrastructure, the lives of ordinary people, because of the "cloud computing" the development and change. "-Era" really want to come.

Google vice president and Greater China president Kai-fu Lee in "First Financial Daily" exclusive interview, described a scene of the future: "cloud computing" the arrival of the era, people will use the PC, mobile phones, cars Even cheap watches the "cloud" equipment, through the browser, enter the user name and password can be synchronized "cloud" of documents, photographs, E-mail, video, music, software applications……

When the arrival of the PC era when, IBM, Apple Computer, and so began the reconstruction, and gave birth to the Microsoft, Intel and other giants, and "cloud computing" for the background of the advent of the Internet era, we do not know what will happen »(
Fexon Technology Ltd)

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Fexon Technology Ltd: Calculation of stirring up clouds of war two times

Fexon Technology Ltd reports: Unwittingly, "cloud computing" has quietly affect our work and life.

Think about your browser and desktop operating system in which more consumption of time more » A few years ago must be downloaded to see the film, pictures, how many can now enjoy online » SMEs independent construction and management of IT systems, whether through SAAS (software as a service) solution »

The development of bandwidth and hardware costs continue to lower, bring us all this.

In the PC era, to Moore's Law, WINTEL-led framework for the hardware industry, software industry's traditional business model, corporate IT infrastructure, the lives of ordinary people, because of the "cloud computing" the development and change. "-Era" really want to come.

Google vice president and Greater China president Kai-fu Lee in "First Financial Daily" exclusive interview, described a scene of the future: "cloud computing" the arrival of the era, people will use the PC, mobile phones, cars Even cheap watches the "cloud" equipment, through the browser, enter the user name and password can be synchronized "cloud" of documents, photographs, E-mail, video, music, software applications……

When the arrival of the PC era when, IBM, Apple Computer, and so began the reconstruction, and gave birth to the Microsoft, Intel and other giants, and "cloud computing" for the background of the advent of the Internet era, we do not know what will happen »(
Fexon Technology Ltd)

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fexon Technology Ltd: 51job better-than-expected Q1

Fexon Technology Ltd reports: Early this morning, 51job (Nasdaq: JOBS) announced unaudited first-quarter earnings reports. Choi reported that the first quarter of the total revenue of 236.4 million yuan (about 33.7 million U.S. dollars), exceeding the company had income of 220 million to 230 million yuan expected, but over the same period last year net profit 32.2 million yuan A decrease of 30.8 percent, to 22.2 million yuan (about 3.2 million U.S. dollars). 51job also announced that company co-founder LU Nan for personal reasons will be the end of May to resign.

51job Q1 key performance:

The first quarter of the total revenue of 236.4 million yuan (about 33.7 million U.S. dollars), up 17.9 percent, more than the company had expected 220 million yuan to 230 million yuan.

First quarter gross margin was 55.7 percent, higher than the 55.2 percent the same period last year.

First quarter net income was 22.2 million yuan (about 3.2 million U.S. dollars), down 30.8 percent.

First quarter fully diluted per common share profit of 0.39 yuan; (
Fexon Technology Ltd)

Excluding share-based expenses and loss on exchange (not in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles), 51job first-quarter adjusted per ordinary share fully diluted earnings of 0.68 yuan, the company had expected more than the 0.42 yuan to 0.52 yuan.

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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Fexon Technology Ltd: Intel expand the field through purchase the consumer electronics products

Fexon Technology Ltd reports: Gelsinger pointed out during his visit in New York: I think you will find more concerned about Intel purchase opportunities.

The world's largest semiconductor maker Intel (Intel) Digital Enterprise Group principle- Pat Gelsinger said the company will be more concerned about purchase opportunities, and will expand into the consumer electronics products area.

Gelsinger pointed out that during his visit in New York, the group is gradually out from a major restructuring over the past two years, in the reorganization process, a number of asset stripping from Intel, layoffs more than 10 percent.(
Fexon Technology Ltd)

He accepted the British "Financial Times" said in an interview: "I think you will find more concerned about Intel acquisition opportunities," but he acknowledged that the company's acquisitions in the past are not always successful.

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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Asia Domain Name Registration Limited: Full of passion, "making dreams"

Asia Domain Name Registration Limited reports: Guangxian with those who have a background of the Internet myth-maker not the same(Domain Name), Ma is too general, he did not how much money, even when the founder of the company only to Jiadang office, but his biggest dream is characterized by love and full of passion, often immersed in Build a fairy-tale dream, the dream for themselves and thrilled, full of passion. He is also good at their dream passed to his team and to encourage, through constant struggle to dream step by step becoming a reality.

September 1995, the Ma Erlizhinian, fluent in English because the United States were invited to do the translation of commercial negotiations, an accidental exposure to the Internet, then the Internet in the United States are ascendant, while in China, few people in catenary Left, he saw a network change the world of enormous energy, from the United States back to the entrepreneurial dream. After returning home, Ma decided to resign founded China's first commercial Internet sites - the Yellow Pages. In a resignation before the evening, Ma invited 24 friends together "to discuss major event", the reaction of friends surprisingly consistent, 23 individuals said no, only one person that can try. But Ma has not heard friends of the "bitter advice", but the firm determination of their actions. In order to dream, Humayun naturally, a Zhajin the Internet this "ocean" Therefore, a new version of the story from Alibaba opened the first. He later said: "has just begun to do Internet, can I have no confidence in the success. But I think the thing to do, regardless of failure and success, must try, Chuangyi Chuang, you can not make a U-turn, but you If not, follow the old path, can never be a new development. "At that time, we also do not understand the Internet, open a website also needs a long time, Humayun everywhere peddle his" China's Yellow Pages, "has been People as a "liar."

February 21, 1999,, the first staff in the General Assembly at Ma's home in the Lake Gardens held. Ma for his dream of the excitement, dancing to express passionate speech: "I back-and-forward has been. Dozen or so individuals holding knives, ah! Ah! Ah!-Forward, what are the good coming . "He used a beautiful dream inspire you in the next three to five years, Alibaba were to become listed companies, each of us pay all the costs will be rewarded. At that time, someone asked Ma Alibaba's prospects, Ma said, starting to 500,000 yuan Alibaba future market value will reach 5 billion U.S. dollars. Many people laughed, that is fantasy, almost no one believed.

The end of 2002, just over the winter, Ma proposed that Alibaba in 2003 to achieve 100 million yuan profit, which at that time is inconceivable, but in fact, Alibaba achieve this goal. In 2003 year-end meeting, Ma began to dream, he proposed, in 2004 to achieve 1 million profit every day, every day in 2005 to achieve tax 1000000.

Every goal that will lead to many doubts and objections. But Ma is like a dream to create magic, each had a seemingly impossible dream later become a reality on January 1. Later, when Ma to live 102 years to build businesses, create 1 million job opportunities, 10 years, "Alibaba" into a one of the world's three major Internet companies and one of the world's top 500 enterprises, "Taobao" transactions Wal-Mart and other dream more than the total, have seldom been more surprised or suspected of. In some people, the dream may be an absurd idea and can not achieve the goal, but sometimes, the dream will become a driving force for success. "How much heart, there is little stage."

Accompanied by the passion and dreams. His passion into the Alibaba values. He said that young people have passion, but the passion comes to young people at a faster pace, continuing passion is the real worth of passion. You can lose a project to lose a customer, but you can not afford to lose the pursuit of life, which is passion. Failed again, this is passion. "Electronic commerce is a new field, we are always the most important thing for the passion of passion continue."

Ma is not so much an entrepreneur than he is a "made people dream." He is a passionate full of entrepreneurs, is a great ideal of the preacher, is a glorious dream of advocates. Ma vivid facts have proven that a truth: As long as we have dreams, passion and continuous efforts, it is possible to achieve the success of the other side.(
Asia Domain Name Registration Limited)

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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Fexon Technology Ltd|IT news: Critical mandate

Fexon Technology Ltd|IT news reports: 2000, when Intel is still the framework of the Shanghai office of Zhang Zhong "critical mandate" to Intel's investment arm. Wudawuzhuang he used to describe the options: the Internet boom, many overseas funds to China for gold, and advance into the Intel became the object of their hire. At that time, the two Intel Capital, general manager of the China work at the same time leave.

At that time, Zhang Zhong of the VC know very little about, "only think that it is a very easy task." In those years, it seems that not everything can be cast to make money. It is said that there are investment managers with the chequebook, after listening to the company introduced after signing the cheques. It is in this environment, many financial institutions do in a year or two years of a large number of people to switch to do a large number of VC, "results in the rapidly approaching winter, many people had not even work."

Although Zhang Zhong believe they were chosen because "stability", since then he has worked for Intel in 18 years. In addition, as early as 1998 he actually intervened in the Intel on Sohu's investment.

One day, then also serve as Managing Director of Intel Capital's Tony Jansz came together with Zhang Zhong went to see Charles Zhang. "Charles Zhang is from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology out of the U.S. East Coast operation of the VC also somewhat understand." Prior to this, Negroponte has given Sohu angel investment. At that time, almost all the first venture of Chinese entrepreneurs are not very clear "what is VC". And the situation or not to go, "how do investment, for how many, how management» do not know "are all feeling our way across the river. At that time, the domestic active VC, that is, Softbank, IDG, H & Q Asia Pacific, Walden International and the Economic Cooperation, and other small number of.

Zhang Zhong access to VC, because Intel's investment is "the beginning of all the investment strategy of investment is 100 percent, the department must have the internal assessment." Was invested enterprises to invest and Intel signed a commercial contract, which provides for the enterprises to Intel do.

1998 to the first half of 2000, Intel Capital is the concern of the direction of the software market, is designed to promote hardware sales. Bundled software can contribute to Intel's hardware sales. "And going to an understanding of the market, the best approach is one of 12 investment companies." At this stage, the HUMAN Intel investment, speed up, fitness & Poor's are all software enterprises. (
Fexon Technology Ltd)

Sohu represented by the portal, initially did not enter the Intel investment horizon. In addition, the headquarters of Intel Capital investment has circulated a proposal, but they did not vote in the final, and they miss this company called Yahoo. But in 1997 China's Internet Center to a survey, said that hinder Chinese Internet is the first major reasons for the lack of Chinese language website. Intel's investment so that such companies like Sohu China can promote the development of the Internet, which can lead PC and server sales.----> More news

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Fexon Technology Ltd|IT news: Allow enterprises to feel the charm of the Olympic Games

Fexon Technology Ltd|IT news reports: 08 Olympic year for each event are the Chinese people. Lenovo server in many product lines, the T168 a one-way servers this lucky machine »

Mr. Wei Jianglei the answer is simple sounds very practical: "T168 is the single tower machines, accounting for 41 percent of the Chinese market, which is China's largest aircraft sales."

SMEs in China, perhaps the most understanding is that this T168, and T168 for the Olympic Games as enjoys popular support - and perhaps that is selected for T168. "We provide the Olympic Games commemorative model is to help SMEs grow, while the Olympics happy to share with them, so I chose the best-selling models, not only to make our technologies and products to promote out at the same time element into the Olympic Games To the enterprise. "

Have been re-packaged on the T168's price, Lenovo cause of the server operating officer of the Department of Marketing and Wang Feng did not give specific figures, he just said that the Olympic Games of the models and in-depth cooperation with Microsoft, hardware and software products The combination of an increase of less than 1 second, and probably the equivalent of one. Wang explained that this is Lenovo and Microsoft strategic cooperation between the two resources can be integrated, so that users can benefit.

In addition to the Olympic Games mark the launch models, in 2008 during the Olympic Games, there will be more than 1,100 servers in Taiwan Lenovo OVR, authentication system, or subsystem, stadium management, game management, back-end database, and other critical information systems play an important role. The Olympic stadium in Beijing, Lenovo server is also "players."(
Fexon Technology Ltd)

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Fexon Technology Ltd|Internet news: Rising costs eroded profits

Fexon Technology Ltd|Internet news reports: Although revenue increased rapidly, but a quarter of finacil report of Baidu, as a number of business expansion in the period, Baidu's costs have increased, resulting in net profit growth rate far slower than revenue growth.

During the first quarter, Baidu's operating profit of about 147.4 million yuan, an increase of 99.6 percent, while net profit of about 146.6 million yuan, an increase of 71.5 percent.

Baidu cost structure in the Japanese market and the related operating costs and expenses in the first quarter was about 30.1 million yuan, the first-quarter diluted earnings per share decreased by 0.87 yuan; "Baidu Union" cost of about 76.6 million yuan , Accounting for the first quarter operating income of 13.3 percent, year-over-year increase of three percentage points, reflecting the growth performance of Baidu Union; bandwidth cost of about 38.4 million yuan, accounting for the first quarter operating income of 6.7 percent, the proportion of the same period last year A lower percentage points depreciation cost of about 53.2 million yuan, accounting for the first quarter operating income of 9.3 percent over the same period last year, the ratio of 9.4 percent.(
Fexon Technology Ltd)

In addition, direct sales teams and the expansion of R & D personnel, the first quarter of Baidu's sales and management fees of about 147 million yuan, up 96.3 percent; research and development cost of about 51.4 million yuan, an increase of 105.9 percent.----> More News

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Fexon Technology Ltd|IT news: Microsoft announced the financial reporting better than Wall Street expected.

Fexon Technology Ltd|IT news reports: On Thursday, Microsoft announced third-quarter financial report, as Vista operating system delays caused by the income of more than 100 million U.S. dollars delayed, the company's profit fell 11 percent, compared with the same period last year.

Microsoft said profit for the third quarter, the company 4.39 billion U.S. dollars, more than Wall Street expected earnings of 47 cents a share, Thomson Financial analysts expected, Microsoft's third-quarter earnings of 44 cents a share. Over the same period last year, the company's profit 4.93 billion U.S. dollars, earnings of 50 cents a share.

Although this year to March, the global computer sales stronger than expected, but Microsoft delayed the release of the Vista delay income 16.7 billion U.S. dollars, Microsoft's third-quarter sales from last year's 14.4 billion U.S. dollars increased slightly to 14.45 billion Dollars online with analysts expectations.

Financial reports show that the third quarter, sales of Windows sector dropped by 24 percent to 4.02 billion U.S. dollars. Published by the new server software and other major software licensing promotion, server software and tools sector sales grew 18 percent to 330 million U.S. dollars. Xbox 360 video game sector revenue growth of 68 percent, to 1.58 billion U.S. dollars. (Fexon Technology Ltd)

Microsoft shares rose 35 cents to settle at 31.80 U.S. dollars per share, rase in 1.1 percent range. ----> More news

Thursday, April 24, 2008

China Net Technology Limited|Internet news: Microsoft's Ballmer: adhere to the original price!

China Net Technology Limited|Internet news reprots: Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer on Wednesday that the company can not increase the Yahoo's offer and prepared to bypass the Microsoft treatment.

Microsoft CEO in Milan, Italy, convened a meeting, said: "We know that the price of Yahoo, 44 billion U.S. dollars is a lot of money."

Ballmer said that Microsoft's "Prepared to do the case without Yahoo."

Tuesday, Yahoo Inc. reported that its first-quarter net income of significant growth in earnings 11 cents per share, up 2 cents more than analysts expected.

Microsoft's president also made similar comments on Tuesday before the Yahoo's financial reports.(
China Net Technology Limited)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Distant receive "one yuan" good faith certification for alleged "to make money"

Recently, the famous Chinese Forum distant communities began to registered users to receive "one yuan" good faith certification fees. Adhere to its own on the numerous "thrust" of the community forum, takes this step requires courage to do this, the website explains that "some people avoid malicious registration account, the illegal release of information, abusive, harassing others" .

In a portal in the poll, 66.8 percent said they would not accept a distant approach that the other side is "to find ways to make money."

Distant in the end was "real injustice" reprisal or false? 1 yuan, but in the end the enterprise registration fees before the profitability of the listed "personal NATO and" forum or a prelude to the real-name system?

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fexon Technology Ltd: Pay 20% growth in the number of hits on Google shares rose a record

Fexon Technology Ltd reports: Search engine giant Google (Google) 2008 first-quarter earnings report released last week, more than expected performance, particularly in its prior suffered questioned "the number of pay-per-click" Total growth of about 20%. So investment banks have raised Google stock rating and target price, Google shares last Friday to close at 539.41 US dollars, or nearly 20 percent, marking the stock from the public offering in early 2004, the largest gain since record.

Soaring spectacle

Google shares in after-hours trading last Thursday has surged 17%, not only on the 1st recover the market value of 28 billion US dollars, but also to regain the shares back to 500 US dollars / share high. At the same time, Google warrants in a single day last Friday rose 17,530 percent, soaring staged a miracle, or 175 times the United States hit all securities derivatives biggest profits. The right to the price of 530 US dollars Google Warrants rose to the highest in the Friday 17.63 US dollars each, and in last Thursday's closing price of 0.10 US dollars each. According to Bloomberg statistics, the Google warrants in the last Friday or the day almost faster to catch up with the Dow Jones Industrial Average since 1900 from 18,760% gain.

Before, as the market worried about economic recession may affect the customer's online advertising spending, along with the market research firm comScore pessimistic statistical data, Google stock this year has dropped by 35 per cent.

However, although Google shares rose sharply last week, but still far lower than six months ago 747.24 US dollars / Unit high. At that time, Google a market value of 235 billion US dollars, compared with the previous Friday's closing price was higher by about 66 billion US dollars.(
Fexon Technology Ltd)

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Monday, April 21, 2008

Fexon Technology Ltd: Google first quarter revenue rose 42 percent profit growth 30%

Fexon Technology Ltd reports: Google first quarter of the profits than the same period last year, an increase of 30% over analyst estimates. Google's financial report shows that the Internet advertising market remain strong.

Financial report shows that in the first three months of this year, Google realized profit of 1.31 billion US dollars, about 4.12 US dollars earnings per share, Google access to the same period last year profit of 10 billion dollars, earnings per share 3.18 US dollars.

If not paid shares to staff costs, a quarter of Google earnings per share 4.84 US dollars higher than analysts expected, the market research firm Thomson Financial analysts, on average, expected Google a quarter earnings per share 4.52 US dollars.

Google's first quarter sales than the same period last year, 3.66 billion US dollars increased by 42% to 5.19 billion US dollars. In less to the company's advertising partner commissioned paid, Google's revenue for the first quarter of 3.7 billion US dollars more than analysts expected, analysts expect Google revenues in the first quarter 3.6 billion US dollars.

In that report before the normal financial transactions, Google shares dropped 5.49 US dollars to close at 449.54 US dollars per share, in after-hours trading shares rose 51.46 US dollars, a gain of 11.5%.(
Fexon Technology Ltd)

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Fexon Technology Ltd: foam normal market will adjust itself

Fexon Technology Ltd reports: From home for four seasons as reported economic losses caused by the hotel industry inflection point of dispute, such as home-founder, Sequoia Capital China Fund founding partner, Shen Peng-South recently accepted an exclusive interview with the Shanghai Securities News that the current economic bubble hotel did exist, and once on the industry should be blindly optimistic about it responsible for the investors. However, he also said that the bursting of the bubble and the emergence of a market-friendly self-regulated industry will be out of the weak.

Shanghai Securities News: Some remarks on the market now that China's economy and hotel industry has reached a turning point, how is your view?

Shen Peng: I think the turning point that some now too. Anything is a moving from quantitative to qualitative change in the process, the reality of life in little inflection point in all of a sudden this dramatic scene. But over the past few years China's economy hotels is a little, I think is simply incomprehensible. If the listing of homes, we feel that this industry is a high-growth high-return industry. However, I think that any industry is not profiteering industry, economic hotels, the average rate of return of around 10 per cent, leading enterprises which may be 20 per cent, while the weak may be only 2-3 percent. Now, in some cities, certain areas, economic hotels may be open too much, there is a bubble, but from the whole of China, this market still has great space.

However, in a free market such a rush to invest, I think that is quite normal. It is to rely on the market to regulate their own time, if this industry earn less, of course, enterprises will be eliminated, it is very normal thing. Last year, I think there is no need to sing praises crazy and this year is no need to sing the air.

Shanghai Securities News: Do you think that the macroeconomic environment, such as credits for the changes will impact the industry?

Shen Peng: factors such as the loan to the United States public market price of the stock decline, but also give investors more rational. I think that last year investors too blindly, they should be responsible for the industry's bubble. Many investors at that time to bring this into enterprises listed packaging industries. At that time, I often encountered such enterprises, and asked him to what is now the development stage, he said, I Pre-IPO (for listing), so some investors stormed on to hear this, but the final result is very possible behind there is no IPO. Last year, a lot of VC, PE crazy chase hotels such as the economic sectors, but they encounter market adjustment, will eventually suffer. (Fexon Technology Ltd)

Shanghai Securities News: If the management of their own family also said that the outbreak of a few years ago that the growth is not normal, then, if the home such as slower growth in the how?

Shen Peng: I also think that if the outbreak home a few years ago of growth is not the norm. When it's only 10 stores, if opened 20 new year, the growth rate is 200%, but he now has 300 stores, opened 150 new year, the growth rate of only 50%. In fact, the new year opened 150 stores still very considerable growth, but also means that if the home there will be changes in the management, ownership and the rapid expansion of large-scale replication capabilities. I think that when the economy hotels expand the scale, the growth slowdown is normal.

Talking about expansion, I do not think is such as home acquisition growth initiative. Such as the home or business will be concerned about their ability to raise, through its own to expand continuously. And the new scale. However, if enterprises such as home with a complementary, and the price is right, may also consider acquisitions.

Shanghai Securities News: Sequoia Capital began last year have been bullish on China's consumer goods industry, in the present macroeconomic environment change the circumstances, if you still good?

Shen Peng: appreciation of the renminbi and the state's macro regulation and control, consumer industries, the impact of minimum services. The recent adjustment of the domestic stock market, it will not affect Sequoia's investment philosophy. Sequoia Capital is to do long-term investment, looked at the 10, 20 and 30 after which China will be successful industries and enterprises. I think it is the adjustment of the stock market in a sense, is a good thing, it can promote better entrepreneurs to look at business models to focus on the profitability of enterprises.(Fexon Technology Ltd)

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Fexon Technology Ltd: Government Web site mutation game

Fexon Technology Ltd reports: Last Sunday afternoon, members of the public to reflect this, the land and resources found in Zhongshan City's website has become a gaming site. Miss Li told reporters members of the public, she is planning to buy property, the Land Bureau intended to check the website of the sale of properties taken. Even though there has opened a small site Witch, KITTY cat logo, a look found is a gaming site, the case for several login. "Zhongshan city government through a link on the portal to enter the same, I do not know is not the websites were attacked by hackers?" Miss Lee told reporters.

14:00 the day before yesterday, the reporter Login Zhongshan City Land and Resources Bureau website page shows a "sea of movement - to start" game web site, the Home red background pages full of colored cartoon logo. Account registration page, and newcomers guide, games, forums links
audience could not open, download functions can not be used.

Zhongshan City, then press Login other government departments website, found Zhongshan City, State Revenue Web site also shows that the same game on web pages. Yesterday, the Chungshan various local forums have netizens posting a matter of discussion. Zhongshan real estate information network forums Some users will become the Web page title game posted, and many users are government departments site is suspected hackers invaded. (
Fexon Technology Ltd)

Yesterday, to 11:40, log jump out of the two sites is still a gaming site pages.-->more news

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Fexon Technology Ltd: Jun Tang formal accession Xinhua IT will be back in the field

Fexon Technology Ltd reports: Today, Xinhua Group(Fexon Technology Ltd) have announced Jun Tang Xinhua today formally joined the Group are to succeed Group founder Chen tree as president and CEO, Xinhua fully responsible for all day-to-day management of the group, long-term strategy, the Group operators, foreign investment and capital operation of the comprehensive work. Chen Shu-to-bit network (ChinaByte) said he would not second line, still in Jun Tang, including participation in the management of common corporate strategy and direction of development, external publicity, most of the work done by Jun Tang, He evaluation Jun Tang, "a high profile and quality."

Chen Xinhua trees have created the current group is the main business investment and industry, the Xinhua shares are shopping plaza is the main industry in the operating department stores, supermarkets, chain stores and businesses, and its Fujian Zijin Mining Group Company tomorrow H shares listed in Hong Kong.

Chen Shu-Jun Tang spoke highly of the professional spirit, the concept of enterprise operations, management capability, operational capacity and capital markets business acumen. Xinhua said he would have become China's largest enterprises and maximize the desire to serve the community, and Jun Tang and his "Yijianrugu minded," he has been looking for his 10 years of professional managers, and finally he joined
. (Fexon Technology Ltd)

"Jun Tang will join the more perfect Xinhua Group's management team are day-to-day operations and capital operation ability to Xinhua Group have brought new vitality to Xinhua Group in various fields have been strengthened and upgrading, seize more market opportunities and achieve greater success. believe that to achieve mutual understanding, and truly achieve their dreams and ideas. "Chen Shu said.

For the new owners, Jun Tang "desire atmosphere" to describe, saying the new identity to joining Xinhua career are the most critical milestone. He also said, and Chen Shu reached with the intention of joining, but one minute. At the end of last year when he revealed his intention to leave the grand, a total of 17 various types of enterprises hope that he can join, but also hope that the ability to enter multiple industries and the development of the traditional company.

The atmosphere 1 billion transfer fee, Chen Shu-bit on the net said that his company's entrepreneurial team worth some 1 billion, with 10 billion to attract Jun Tang is worthy of joining, Xinhua future he will be more than all the proceeds 1 billion. He also said that the future of the company will be headquartered in Shanghai, and for the term of office of Jun Tang, both indicated that they will be long-term cooperation. Jun Tang and even hints that Microsoft will exceed their life's work, do not want to "open the fourth conference."

At the same time, Jun Tang said he is the difficulty of joining Xinhua far less than that from Microsoft switched to a grand private enterprises engaged in the family business of the management of the Wall Street capital markets and contacts, which are now joining their Xinhua have laid a good basis. "And the management of the exchange of about 20, I joined the Xinhua today do not have communication and learning, Below is pioneering work to be done to enhance and I hope that all the Xinhua develop more business, not just now 6, 7 will be published very soon, Xinhua future will be a semi-IT, the quasi-financial enterprises. "said Jun Tang (Fexon Technology Ltd)

Jun Tang said, joining Xinhua after all, has been planned "to do influential things," including acquisitions IT industry enterprises, the acquisition has been basically established, will be announced within a month. He believes that they have the IT descent, hope to play their IT background, but also said that he had promised to Chen Tianqiao their "short-term will not touch the Internet, will not touch online games." Although the goal of enterprises did not disclose the details, but said that the enterprise has its over 10 years of history and view of this, Jun Tang still not fully leave IT fields, and the acquisition of the domestic IT sector may have an impact.==> more news